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IoT Design Consulting

We are a confident company, trusted by our clients and our employees to deliver great service beyond just fixing a problem; we redefine what is possible. Here at KP Property Advisors we bring together hardware, software, data networks and analytics to run efficient commercial real estate portfolio. Our approach is to maintain a deep understanding of the technology trends and best practices to help our clients realize maximum efficiency in their operations.


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IoT Services

KP Property advisors provides innovated engineering, consulting and design services in CRE.

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Service innovation to tenants

Do you find it too expensive and difficult to perform elevator inspections?

KP Property Advisors is partnered with UpVate Anywhere to introduce a new way to perform PCA elevator inspections.

Partnership with Penteon - Distributor For Elevator Sensors

Penteon designs electronic sensors, manages a purpose built, low-cost long-range wireless network and has satellite partnerships, cloud integration teams, data analytics and data governance systems.

Designed from the ground up, our highly accurate, low-cost solutions are flexible enough to meet the needs of any community or enterprise, large or small, and can easily be integrated into existing operations.


Enable the monitoring of significant components of an elevator system to ensure that wear is detected at an early stage and appropriate servicing recommendations are automatically generated.


Continuous monitoring in real time combined with cloud-based machine learning can provide predictive maintenance guidance resulting in greater high availability, increased safety and lower costs of maintenance. Additionally, building owners and managers can utilize elevator performance and load data to optimize passenger flows during peak usage periods.

Secure Cloud Service

Machine learning algorithms for cloud-based machine learning to enable immediate notification of critical issues as well as recognizing long term trends in elevator performance, component degradation and ride quality.

Elevator Network Server

Each elevator within a building is instrumented independently showing current floor, load level and operational parameters such as acceleration, vibration and acoustic data. Along with visual instrumentation a variety of performance alarms and notifications can be set up to alert building owners and elevator maintenance companies of critical situations.


Performance data each elevator can be integrated into existing UpVate systems and mobile applications as desired and can consist of subsets of data collected, notifications and analysis as desired.

Elevator Sensor

Each sensor, one mobile, one stationary, continuously communicate with each other passing along important sensing information that enable a full analysis of elevator ride performance.The mobile elevator sensor is a small 44mm “cube” The stationary elevator sensor is a second 50mm “cube” installed in the upper elevator room of the shaft.