Our Approach

We add value to our clients through elevator expertise and sound business analysis

What Makes us Different

We fully understand the business pressures of property decision makers. Our business decks are thorough and concise to help property managers make the right decisions for their specific situation. We communicate using best methods speed, up to date office tools, and visualizations as appropriate. We translate elevator technical information into business friendly language that is easy to digest. We let data lead the way to the right answer rather than making recommendations imposed by loyalty to elevator companies. We set a billing structure that is appropriate to the engagement and client needs. Our preference is to bill by project and engagement rather than hourly.

Our projects

City Place Dallas, TX
2013 - 2016

Performed Maintenance Evaluation, contract renegotiations and Modernization of 44 Elevators.

Merrill Lynch Towers
2005 - 2009

Maintenance Evaluations: Evaluated maintenance on 99 elevators Provided clear report on areas of greatest need with specific changes that should be implemented.

Jones Lang LaSalle
2006 - 2008

Acceptance Inspection: Confirmed completion of Double Decker Renovations AON Center Chicago with 48 Double Deck Elevators.

Bank of America Jacksonville, FL
2011 - 2016

Maintenance Evaluation of 18 Elevators, Contract NEgotiation and enforcement of contract obligations.

Meet the specialists

Managing Partner and CFO

Meeta Kamani

Meeta Kamani is an entrepreneur with proven track record of managing diverse businesses. A Pharmacist by training, she turned business owner in 2001 starting in retail food management. She then developed a holding company, GACL, Inc., that invests in the technology space. As the Managing Partner of KP Property Advisors, her responsibilities include business development and managing sales and operations. In her capacity as CFO, she is responsible for ensuring the company manages its growth while maintaining positive cashflow.

President, COO

Sanjay Kamani

Sanjay Kamani began his career at Otis Elevator Company where he engineered Electronic Monitoring Systems and Control Systems for Elevators. He was part of a "think tank" that developed over 28 worldwide patents and was responsible for developing state-of-the-art technologies in the elevator industry. He worked on a variety of global product development programs in the United States and worked with various international engineering centers. As a principal of Ascent Service and Technology, Sanjay developed client relationships and delivered management consulting services. His responsibilities included renegotiating long term maintenance contracts, providing turnkey project management services for large-scale construction projects and performing traffic studies.

In his previous career at The Stanley Works his accomplishments included delivering year over year improvements various divisions' total cost structures. Sanjay delivered programs enabling the Tools Division to deliver over 11% net productivity over prior year.

Over a four year period more than $110 Million was delivered in shareholder value. Sanjay has over 24 years of industry experience with a specialty in powerful Team-based value analysis process that targets service and manufacturing processes for improvement.

Sanjay is the co-founder of TessT, LLC a New York based technology startup that has revolutionized the complete compliance process for property owners, managers and their supply chain. Mr. Kamani is also the CEO and President of Management Excellence a knowledge management and technology development company in Richmond, VA .

Mr. Kamani has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Connecticut, a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute in Hartford and an Undergraduate Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Connecticut.
Sanjay's Article "Reducing Complexity" Sanjay's Article "Streamlining the Process: A Productivity Toolkit"

Consulting Director

Alex Freeman

Alex Freeman started his career in the elevator industry in 2007 working side by side with Sanjay on multiple projects. Alex is an intense analyst looking through every detail to make sure our reports and inspections are complete, clean and timely. Coming from the report writing side of things Alex has flourished in elevator consulting through some of these notable projects: Bid management of a $3 Million modernization of a building in Philadelphia, Regular maintenance review of elevator service at the MET in NYC, Due diligence inspection of elevators for a $45 Million dollar investment into a high rise in Dallas, TX. He has also written specifications for maintenance and modernization contracts. Mr. Freeman earned a Bachelors of Philosophy from a liberal arts school and a Masters in Business from Virginia Commonwealth University. He had taught course in project management and business research. Outside of the elevator industry he has been a key data analyst in Marketing and the president of a monthly membership club that continues to strive. He is also six sigma certified and is pursuing a Vertical Transportation Management Professional certification.