IoT Consulting

We Build IoT for Innovative Companies

  • Innovative Engineering
    Innovative Engineering

    We do further research to gain an understanding and maximize the use of clients' existing facilities, personnel, and resources.

  • Exceptional Services
    Exceptional Services

    KP brings its team together to develop overall strategies and specific design concepts for your review.

  • Creative Solutions
    Creative Solutions

    Our main priority is to assist our clients in achieving their goals, whether it is fixing a problem or preventing a future one.

  • Impressive Results
    Impressive Results

    We are as excited as our clients to see the tangible and virtual results as we complete each piece and see your project unfold.

KP Property Advisors LLC

IoT Design Consulting

We are a confident company, trusted by our clients and our employees to deliver great service beyond just fixing a problem; we redefine what is possible. Here at KP, we bring together hardware, software, data networks, and analytics to run an efficient portfolio. Our approach is to maintain a deep understanding of the technology trends and best practices to help our clients realize maximum efficiency in their operations.

  • Innovation

    Innovative ideas and concepts with measurable results.

  • Agile & Efficient
    Agile & Efficient

    Provide solutions by producing rapid prototypes.

  • Maverick Team
    Maverick Team

    Supportive, reachable, open-minded, and resourceful.

  • Life Cycle Support
    Life Cycle Support

    Our closely-knit team is always available to answer your questions and provide support.

KP Property Advisors LLC

IoT Services

KP provides innovative engineering, consulting, and design services.

  • Creating Value Through Efficiency

    Creating Value Through Efficiency

  • Enhanced Building Performance

    Enhanced Building Performance

  • Better Portfolio Risk Management and Liquidity

    Better Portfolio Risk Management and Liquidity

  • Creating Value Through Differentiation

    Creating Value Through Differentiation

  • Focus on Employee and Occupant Health and Productivity

    Focus on Employee and Occupant Health and Productivity

  • Service Innovation

    Service Innovation