Our Approach

We Add Value to Our Clients Through Technical Expertise, Staffing, & Sound Business Analysis

KP Property Advisors LLC

What Makes Us Different

We fully understand the business pressures of the technology and staffing industry. Our business decks are thorough and concise to help managers make the right decisions for their specific situations. We communicate using the best methods, speed, up-to-date office tools, and visualizations as appropriate. We translate technical information into business-friendly language that is easy to digest. We let data lead the way to the right answer. We set a billing structure that is appropriate to the engagement and client needs. Our preference is to bill by project and engagement rather than hourly.

WOSB-Certified (1)

Meet Our Team



Meeta Kamani

Meeta Kamani is an entrepreneur with a proven track record of managing diverse businesses. A Pharmacist by training, she turned business owner in 2001, starting in retail food management. She then developed a holding company, GACL, Inc., that invests in the technology space. As the CEO of KP, her responsibilities include business development, managing sales and operations, and ensuring the company manages its growth while maintaining positive cash flow. Meeta is VTMP certified.

Director of Technology - Tech Advisor

Deepika Rani

Deepika Rani began her career as a Product Developer and in six years was promoted to running the Information Technology Department.  She is passionate about the industry, and loves working in an energetic environment.  Her unique combination of database, network, software support, AR/VR and technical research experience translates well to bringing a customer’s vision from concept to reality.  With her varied technical background, she can run an agile development team to deliver the clients’ needs.